10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S10

This is the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Choosing the right high-end cellphone among the many high-end cellphones on the market isn’t easy. There are many aspects to consider. Apart from the specifications of the cellphone itself, of course we must also pay attention to what we really need from a cellphone. For example for those who like selfies, definitely looking for a cellphone with a sophisticated camera.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy S10

Unlike someone who travels a lot, maybe they are looking for a cellphone with a strong battery and fast charging. Speaking of phones, Samsung will soon be releasing a Samsung Galaxy S10 which is said to meet all the criteria of the dream cell phone of many people. For consideration, please refer to the summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the following Samsung Galaxy S10.

Strengths and weaknesses of Samsung Galaxy S10

1. There is no 3D Depth Sensor

3D Depth Sensor on the camera is a sensor technology that allows users to capture 3D images. More clearly, this sensor will help to create an illusion that will distinguish the main object and the background or what we often call bokeh on images. And unfortunately this Samsung S10 has not implemented 3D Depth Sensor technology.

2. Wifi 6 Galaxy S10 connectivity is more qualified

There is another part of the Samsung S10 which is its superiority, namely in its wifi connectivity section. Samsung claims that the S10’s wifi speed can be 20% faster than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S9. That speed will last even in a crowded environment like outdoors, and that’s thanks to Wifi 6 which is embedded in this Samsung Glaxy S10.

3. Only One Front Camera

One more part that most noticed by many people is the front camera on this Samsung S10. And this is also the part that made us a little disappointed because the S10, Samsung only implemented one camera that measures 10 MP. Well, for those of you who like selfies, you can try the Samsung Galaxy S10 + series which features a dual selfie camera.

4. Powerbank function

There is a unique function of S10 that may not be found in many other products, namely the Wireless Powershare function. Yups! We can use S10 as a backup power provider or power bank for other devices. This power can be supplied to other devices wirelessly or wirelessly, simply attach the device that will be charged to the S10’s back and the device’s power will be immediately charged.

5. 5G Technology Not Yet Implemented

It’s no secret, that 5G technology has been discovered and will soon be applied. But unfortunately this 5G technology has not been found on the Samsung S10, even on the Samsung 10+ also has not been implemented. We think this is a drawback of the Samsung S10, yups! just imagine if 5G is on S10, its gonna boom!

6. Safer Fingerprint on the Screen

Samsung implements an ultrasonic Fingerprint sensor that is embedded on the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S10, in addition to cellphone security, this sensor can be used for health such as detecting the user’s heart rate and blood flow. This is thanks to the 3D technology of the ultrasonic Fingerprint which also makes mobile security safer than using optical sensors.

7. Expensive Prices

For the price of this Samsung S10 actually depends on opinion, and in our opinion the price offered by Samsung for the Galaxy S10 series is included in the category of shortcomings of this product. S10 which can be ordered since the 22nd of the 2nd month of this year is sold starting from Rp. 10.499.000 for the lowest series up to Rp. 23,499,000 for the highest Galaxy S10 series.

8. Spectacular Screen

Samsung S10 presents a fairly wide sized screen that is 6.1 inches curved, the screen is the best screen that Samsung can serve at this time. The screen with pixel density up to 550 ppi and supports Quad HD + resolution is a certified HDR10 + Dynamic AMOLED screen. With the screen specifications, of course you can enjoy a detailed image display with a perfect color range.

9. Complete Camera Lens

It would not be complete when discussing the advantages and disadvantages of a cellphone today without mentioning the camera, which is the part that most people consider when buying a cellphone. Samsung Galaxy S10 Frp Bypass presents a camera with a complete combination of 16 MP Ultra wide lens plus 12 MP Wide angle lens as well as 12 MP Telephoto lens, the lenses are side by side with dual aperture technology.

10. Great Performance

As usual Samsung presents a choice of relieved internal memory which is between 128 GB and 512 GB, with 8 GB RAM. When compared with its predecessor, Samsung stated that the S10 is able to run with a CPU 29% faster as well with a 37% better GPU, it’s all thanks to the super tough Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset at the moment.

That’s the ten advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10 that we can share. The data above can be taken into consideration when deciding to buy a Samsung Galaxy S10. Of course there are many more advantages and possible deficiencies that you will find on this product, just check.

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